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Booming Boy

Booming Boy features all the components required that will make you enjoy as a classic Japanese arcade game in the first half of the 80's. Good playability, full of colour and a great music, everything with an excellent package which makes this little gem for MSX2 an indispensable piece in your collection.

Booming Boy pic1

Place as many bombs as you can, destroy all the obstacles in order to find the hidden power-ups and eliminate your enemies quickly before time runs out. 5 areas consisting of 5 stages with a lot of enemies plus bosses. You will have hours of fun reliving those wonderful moments of amusement arcades.

Booming Boy pic2

Booming Boy will be sold on 13th of June during the 47th Ru MSX user meeting in Barcelona, the price 25€. The game will on sale by post through Repro Factory MSX Shop later. Furthermore, all visitors who attend the fair and buy one of the 30 copies, will find a Hamma Bead of our hero as a gift inside the box. And if that were not enough, to celebrate the launch of Booming Boy, you will be able to buy the game and the MSX Area magazine #6 together for 30€, saving 3€.

Don't miss your opportunity!

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